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Welcome to the website for Grace Baptist Church of Hampton, VA.  We are glad you have chosen to visit our site.

Grace Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church that has been serving the needs of this community for over fifty years.  You can see from our Doctrinal Statement that we are family of believers who accept the Bible as God’s infallible Word, and try to follow its teachings as faithfully as we know how.

Pastor Luethy

We invite you to check out the various entries on our website to learn more about what our church can offer your family.  If God should lead you to come and help us, we have a place for you to serve the Lord here.

If there is a single characteristic that identifies the ministry of Grace Baptist Church, I would say that it is our emphasis on the teaching of God’s Word.  Because we believe that the Bible is the only absolute authority for doctrine and for life, we make the preaching and teaching of God’s Word the central focus of all our church’s ministries.

We are not perfect, but we sincerely desire to be a spiritual blessing to all our friends and neighbors.  We would love to have you come and be a part of our fellowship here.  May God bless you.

Dr. David Luethy, Pastor 

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