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Pastor Luethy used our Sunday School Appreciation Day service to encourage and exhort all of our folks who serve in the Sunday School Department. You can download that message, Preach the Word, for a reminder of our overarching objective and method for this time each and every Sunday morning.


Teacher: Larry Covey

Current Topic: What The Bible Teaches

Overview: A basic study of the Scriptural teaching of life's key issues. The course focuses on three basic questions of life answered in the Bible. 1) Who is God? 2) Who am I? 3) Is there life after death?

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6-8)

Teachers: Pete & Sandy Peterson

Title: Beyond the List: The Heart of the Ten Commandments

Bible Passages: Exodus and selected passages throughout Scripture

Course Description: The Ten Commandments are God's timeless more standards to teach us how to properly relate to God and others. The Commandments are repeated or referred to in the New Testament, and the course will examine these New Testament teachings also.

JUNIORS (Grades 3-5)

Teachers: Rick Jenkins & Alice Hazzard

Title: Knowing God and His Word

Bible Truths: Seeking God in His Word; Understanding God; Relating to God

Course Description: Junior students will have a clear understanding of God's foundational attributes and the influence those attributes should have on their lives. They will also gain confidence in the authority of the Scriptures.

K-PRIMARY (Grades K-2)

Teacher: Babbi Dickson

Title: God's Helpers

Bible Truths : Family; Obedience; God's Helpers

Course Description: This unit will help our children know the importance and responsibilities of family members, the need to be obedient, and the joys of helping others. The children will thank God for their families and discover ways that they can obey and help others.


Teacher: Ellie Luethy

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