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Walking into a strange church for the first time can be a rather uncomfortable experience. We know because every person at Grace was a visitor at some point. We want to try to provide you with a little information to help your visit go smoothly.

Our Purpose in Gathering Together

Group of adults and teens mingle before a worship service at Grace Baptist Church of Hampton, VAThe goal of every one of our services is to meet with the God of all creation. He has made this possible through the Bible and through Prayer. The Holy Spirit works through these to minister to us God's grace and peace and to produce in our lives His own fruit. He also works through the gifts that He has given to each believer. So we gather corporately to minister to one another, to pray and to study the Scriptures.

Where and When We Gather Together

Google Map Link to Grace Baptist Church of Hampton, VA.This link will take you to our service times and location (including a map and directions).

You might want to plan to arrive a few minutes early, especially if you need to make use of the Nursery or Children's Church ministries. Our people are friendly and will be glad to take a few minute to help you get oriented.

Visiting with Children

Children enjoying snack time during Children's Church.First, we love children. The Lord has always seemed to burden the hearts of our people to minister to children. You will see this ministry attitude in our Nursery, Children's Church, Kids4Truth Clubs, 3DFC Tean Group, and Vacation Bible School ministries.

We have Sunday School classes for all ages. We provide a nursery during all services for children through age 3. There is a Children's Church program during the Sunday Morning Worship Service for children ages 3 to 8.

You are also welcome to have your children sit with you in the sanctuary.

What to Bring / Wear

Yes, we all know how minor this is. But we also know how uncomfortable it is to feel out of place in a group of people. First, be sure to bring your Bible. One of our adult Sunday School classes.We'll open our Bibles in almost every gathering. If you don't have a Bible, please let us know and we'll be glad to provide one for you. If you are visiting with a friend, feel free to share with them - especially if you aren't familiar with finding your way around the many books of the Bible.

Our folks generally show up in their Sunday Best for our Sunday Morning Worship Service. A men's quartet worships the Lord in songWe don't encourage folks to show off or to spend a lot of money for particular types of clothing. Our desire is simply to present ourselves before our God in a reverent and respectful way. If you aren't sure what to wear consider how you might dress for other important events, such as a date or job interview or a meeting with an important customer.

The Giving attention to the Word of GodSunday Evening and Wednesday Evening services tend to be a little more casual. Slacks and collared shirts seem to be the norm at these services (although a few of us still show up with our ties).

Children and teens will usually have some recreational time as part of the Wednesday evening programs. Athletic shoes and casual outfits will help them enjoy this part of the evening.

How Long Are the Services?

Not too many people ask this question, but most would like to. Each of our services generally lasts about an hour. The Wednesday evening children's program wraps up around 8:15 so families can get their children home at a reasonable hour.

What Do We Teach?

Pastor David Luethy in the pulpit of Grace Baptist Church, Hampton, VA.You can see our doctrinal statement for an overview of our teachings. We also have some sermon series available online if you would like to sample the preaching before you attend.

Our local assembly isn't trying to be novel. We just want to be as biblical as possible in our private and corporate religious lives. Our doctrine and practice will be very similar to other local churches that have committed themselves to the Bible as their sole source of authority and direction.

Our church falls into the independent, fundamental, and Baptist traditions. Independent just means that we believe that the local church is answerable to Christ alone as the head of the church. Therefore we are not part of any denomination or association. Fundamental distinguishes our church from other broad movements such as the modernist/liberal movement The teens study God's Word(the typical mainstream protestant denominations). We strive to live lives and conduct ministries that are separated from worldliness and false teachers. As a Baptist church, we believe and teach the historic Baptist distinctives, such as salvation through faith alone in the finished work of Christ on the cross, and baptism by immersion for those who have put their faith in Christ.

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